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About Me

I'm not the typical person. In many way I am, but in many ways I'm not. I've been lucky enough to be given a singing voice that was good enough for a choir in maybe the most important Cathedral in Denmark. That have given me experiences all around the world, like Greenland, Canada, USA, New Zealand, China, Ireland, France and Croatia. 

In the first many years photography was more or less just something I did when I was travelling with the choir. I tried to document my experiences. The first trips was with a good ol' 35 mm film camera without any fancy stuff, but later more advanced digital cameras were bought and that's where I am today.

I'm an educated primary/elementary school teacher but that's not my life anymore. At least not currently. Now it's singing and photography. 

Photography have somehow always been a part of me. From my first photo back in 1990 when I was 5 years old, over my first camera, the 35 mm film camera mentioned above, to my current DSLR camera, it has been a natural progress for me to improve both as a photographer and as a person.

I've for many years now been very interested in portraits and also people photography. I've tried to learn more and more, but it's hard. But I'm determent to keep learning and to grow to become better and get more and more work. I know it's not easy and will require a lot, but I'm confident! 

Being born, raised and living in Denmark as a mid-80's child, I've been lucky to experience more than most will ever do at my age. Although I've not been travelling a lot on my own or with my family, I've still managed to see the world in a fascinating way. Something I had never thought I would be so lucky to do. And because of that I've also managed to get a bit into landscape photography which I really enjoy.