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In January 2019 I asked for a model for a quick shoot just a couple of days later. Emilie replied and we quickly arranged the shoot. It was her first shoot and she was so natural in her way of modelling. It was a blast to have her in front of the camera! She is a really inspiring and creative woman and is a fantastic person to talk to. 

Afterwards we have worked together on quite a few shoots, and she introduced me to horse photography. It ended up in a photo shown below, which Emilie was very pleased with. And I'm too. The photo was printed in a large format and when I gave it to Emilie she had to put it on the wall even though it was 7 in the morning when she got it. 

Emilie is one of the 2 best models I've worked with and today I consider her one of my very good, if not one of my best friends.