Rikke - Johan Clausen Photography

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When my mom died in June 2017 I lost all interest in taking portraits. Work and similar took all my time.

Then in November 2018 I decided it was time again to take portraits. I asked for models on a few Danish TFP (Time for Print) Facebook groups, and Rikke replied. We quickly arranged  a shoot and in the next week we talked, planned and agreed on several things for the shoot.

We met at Rikkes' apartment and after a talk to know each other, we began shooting some photos. It included quite a few dress changes, balloons and at the very end, the most messy stuff we could imagine, and something Rikke really wanted to try, glitter. We had gold and silver glitter and after covering Rikke in glitter we took the last few shots. Afterwards her bathroom was very messy and there was gold glitter all over her apartment.

One of the best, but also the most funny shoots I've participated in. Rikke is a great person that really want to try different things. She is one of the best models I've ever worked with.